Auto Car Air Conditioning Repair Tacoma Mall

Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance is a highly reputable auto car air conditioning repair shop servicing the Tacoma Mall Area. We provide complete AC repair services to help keep the cooling system in cars of our customers running efficiently.

Our trained and experienced technicians have in-depth knowledge of the air conditioning system in all makes and models of cars. They can correctly diagnose and flawlessly fix any minor or major car AC malfunctions. We support our technicians with the latest automotive tools and technologies so that they can get the auto car air conditioning repair jobs on Tacoma Mall vehicles done:

  • Speedily
  • Accurately
  • Thoroughly and reliably

A/C Truck Cooling Repair Tacoma Mall

Our facility is also the right place to come for A/C truck cooling repair services. Tacoma Mall truck owners who feel that the interiors of their vehicle are not sufficiently cool/heated even with the AC system running at full blast should lose no time in coming to us for A/C truck cooling repair services.

Postponing inspection and repair of the Ac unit may aggravate the problem, inviting a more extensive and expensive A/C truck cooling repair job. Bring in your truck to us in time before its cooling system collapses completely.

Our skilful A/C truck cooling repair work in your Tacoma Mall vehicle will:

  • Keep it cool in summer
  • Make it warm in winter
  • Ensure clean, well-circulated interior air all year round

Cooling A/C Repair Chevy, Ford & Dodge, Toyota & Honda

Car or A/C truck cooling repair is not a DIY task. The AC unit has a number of components that need to work efficiently in tandem to condition and clean the air inside a vehicle. Detecting what is hampering the functioning of the cooling system and fixing it calls for a trained and seasoned auto car air conditioning repair expert.  

We have the competent technicians you need to look at the inefficient or stalled car AC. Our technicians have the knowledge, skills and equipment to fix any vehicle Ac issues, be it:

  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Clogged condenser or evaporator
  • Damaged compressor
  • Electrical malfunction; or something else

With us handling your auto car air conditioning repair job in the Tacoma Mall area, you can relax that your vehicle is in safe and reliable hands.

When it is time to get auto car air conditioning repair done, Tacoma Mall residents should head straight to Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance. Dial (253) 777-4990 to discuss your car/truck cooling problem with our experts.