Alignment Service

Car and Truck Alignment Service and Repair


Proper vehicle alignment service gives your vehicle a safe and smooth ride. Car and truck alignment can be compromised by a worn suspension, tires or ball joints. Without proper alignment your vehicle can have a rough and unpredictable ride.

Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance offers car and truck alignment repair services in University Place, WA. We’ll inspect your vehicle suspension and carry out the necessary repairs that will allow your vehicle to drive and corner safely. We offer comprehensive car and truck alignment services that include:

  • Alignment inspections
  • Suspension inspection
  • Wheel alignment suspension repair for worn parts
  • Checks for tire positioning
  • Ride height adjustments

We are the car and truck alignment expert in University Place to get in touch with if you want to enjoy perfect steering control and vehicle stability while driving. 

Wheel Alignment and Suspension System Repair

Having constant problems with your vehicle suspension? We will correct these problems with our expert wheel alignment services and suspension repair service in University Place.  Correcting the wheel alignment and repairing the steering & suspension system gives you better handling when driving. It corrects vehicle vibrations and pulling. We offer wheel alignment suspension repair for both new and older vehicles.

Trust no one but us with all your wheel alignment suspension repair needs in University Place. Our skillful services are sure to give your vehicle:  

  • A comfortable ride
  • Maximized tire-to-road contact
  • Improved cornering
  • Improved tire performance
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Longer tire life

Whether you are facing alignment or suspension problems because of using the vehicle roughly, driving excessively on rugged terrain or damage during an auto collision, we are the best people to come to for wheel alignment suspension repair.  

Suspension Repair University Place


Alignment or suspension issues are not things that should be taken lightly. Efficient functioning of the steering and suspension system of a vehicle is extremely critical for safe, incident-free driving. Come for repair at our University Place facility without any delay when, while driving, you experience uncomfortable and difficult conditions, such as:

  • Swaying vehicle
  • Wiggling and bumping wheels
  • Slipping steering wheel

Our mechanics are highly trained at working on steering and suspension systems in all makes or models of cars as well as trucks.  With us handling your alignment or suspension repair job, your vehicle is in safe hands.

Contact Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance today for car and truck services in University Place. Call 253-460-7424 to discuss your problem.