Brake Repair Service Fircrest


Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance is a leading brake service expert catering to the Fircrest, WA area. We offer quality truck and car brake repair as well as brake maintenance services. Our skilled technicians deliver precise brake service for every vehicle that they work on.

When constant usage damages brakes, brake service is required to keep your vehicle running safe. Opting for brake service, you can enjoy the below mentioned benefits:

  • Drive safely
  • Save money by avoiding costly repairs
  • Enhance the life span of your brakes
  • Prevent accidents due to a poor braking system
  • Keep your vehicle’s rotors intact

Operating as brake service experts in the Fircrest area, we are equipped to work on any vehicle. Our car brake repair professionals are capable of handling almost all makes and models of automobiles.

Brake Repair Fircrest


When you encounter early signs of the deterioration of your braking system, get immediate car brake repair service. A delay in repairs may soon aggravate the problem and create the need for replacement of brakes. Moreover, deferred brake system repairs also affects your control over your vehicle and put you in hazardous situation on the road.

For truck or car brake repair needs in the Fircrest area, come to us. Our trained brake service specialists carefully inspect your braking system to identify whether it can be repaired or if replacing it is the only solution. We are known to deliver brake system repair or replacement services that are:

  • Careful
  • Precise
  • Efficient and have lasting results
  • Safe
  • Affordable

Chevy, Ford & Dodge Brake Repair Expert in Fircrest


Whether it is a truck or car, the requirement for regular brake service and prompt brake system repairs cannot be ignored. Plan a visit to our facility if you notice that the brakes in your Chevy, Ford or Dodge are not working as effectively as they should.  

We are committed to providing the finest possible car brake repair services to our Fircrest customers. When you bring your vehicle to us, our brake system repair experts work diligently to:

  • Inspect your braking system
  • Identify the brake problems
  • Repair or replace damaged brake parts
  • Oil the braking system

We assure you that after we are done with the job, the brakes of your vehicle will not let you down and jeopardize your safety on the road.

Choose Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance as your brake service provider in the Fircrest area. Call us at (253) 777-4990 to schedule your truck or car brake repair job.