Car Batteries Edgewood


It is important to know that car batteries can last from three to five years. However, there are other factors affecting the longevity of car batteries.

If you want car batteries in the Edgewood, WA area to be checked for efficacy, visit Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance. We offer to test, repair and replace car batteries.

Choose our services if you want reliable services pertaining to car batteries, such as to install a new battery. Factors determining the longevity of car batteries include:

  • Driving habits
  • Car battery quality
  • Driving region and terrain
  • Exposure to extreme weather

Truck Battery Edgewood


Get your truck battery in Edgewood checked by us. We will perform a thorough check-up on your truck battery to determine its condition. If we feel there is a need to repair battery or replace the battery with a new battery, we get it done at an affordable rate.

It is never a good experience when your vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of the road due to a dead truck battery.

In order to avoid that, regular maintenance of your truck battery is required. You can be assured of our truck battery services because we are reliable and extremely professional.

A few tips to extend the life of your truck battery:

  • Turn the lights off when the engine is off
  • Keep battery terminals corrosion-free and clean
  • Hire a trained technician for car maintenance

Install Your Car or Truck New Battery in Edgewood


You will know when your car needs a new battery in the Edgewood region, but then it could be too late; your car won't start. It is important to keep a watch out and pay attention to certain signs when you notice them.

The signs indicating the need for a new battery for your car or truck include:

  • Electronics are not working
  • Failure to start on the first attempt
  • Engine cranks slower than normal

It is not ideal to attempt installing a new battery on your own if you do not have the required training or skills to do so. Let our experienced technicians in the Edgewood community choose and install the right new battery for your car. We're affordable and fast so you can get back on the road.

Give us a call at (253) 777-4990 to install car batteries in the Edgewood area. Get a new battery installed in your vehicle by Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance.