Car Batteries Fife


Working car batteries are important to a vehicle. Efficient car batteries crank the engine to start the vehicle. Car owners with slow engine cranking, corrosion on the battery posts or malfunctioning electrical system due to faulty car batteries in Fife, WA area need a professional to fix the issue.

Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance is the place to go to get your car batteries repaired or replaced.The most common reason for car batteries to stop functioning is aging. They also become severely affected by extreme heat or overcharging which leading to corrosion.

Come to us to get:

  • High-quality services
  • Superior quality products
  • Use of latest equipment and tools

Truck Battery Fife


In order for your truck to function properly, it should have a quality and properly maintained truck battery. Finding the right place in the Fife community for your truck battery is your challenge.

We are that place! Visit us and find the best truck battery for your particular truck. With our wide selection of truck batteries, you are sure to find a truck battery for your commercial or recreational vehicle.

Expect to get only a superior quality new battery when you come to us. Do not continue to travel on the road with a weak truck battery because it will:

  • Let you down without any warning
  • Jeopardize the trip you are on
  • Put you in an unsafe position by getting you stranded

Visit our shop to get your truck battery fixed.

Fife Car or Truck New Battery


In Fife community when planning to replace the battery in your vehicle with a new battery, always have professional assistance. Installing a new battery is not something that can be done by anybody and everybody.

Trying to install a new battery in your truck or car without proper training can result in further damage to the vehicle. It proves to be dangerous if the installation is not done correctly.

You will find our truck battery price is affordable and the customer service excellent. Come to us for a professional replacement or to repair your truck or car batteries.

A few reasons to consider our services for installing new battery around Fife:

  • Quick repairing, replacement, or installation
  • We ensure the work is done properly
  • Safety measures to prevent accidental spillage of battery acids

For the replacement of your car or truck batteries in the Fife area, call Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance at (253) 777-4990.