Car Batteries Kent


Car batteries do not last forever. A battery loses its capacity of holding a charge over time. A time comes when weak car batteries fail and Kent, WA area residents have to look for a new battery for their car.

Richi's Automotive is the place that has all types of truck and car batteries in the Kent area.Highly functional car batteries help in smooth functioning of vehicles and allow them to start quickly without any trouble.

A car or truck battery that is weak or is low on charge often needs a boosted start when the weather is cold. To avoid an inconvenient situation, it is always better to replace car batteries before their capacity drops by a significant level.

Some signs that tell you your car or truck battery needs a replacement are:

  • Engine cranks but will not start
  • Absolutely dead without a crank, start or lights
  • You have to often jump start your car
  • The battery is older than 3-4 years

Let our technicians inspect the car batteries in all your vehicles and tell you if there is a need to replace your old batteries for new ones.

Truck Battery Kent


There are plenty of reasons why you may need dependable truck repair and truck battery services. When your heavy-duty truck battery is not performing as it should, it is time to seek help. Our years of experience and expert technicians make us one of the most trusted truck battery providers in the Kent area.

We are preferred for our:

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Superior customer services
  • Honesty
  • Reliable rates

We never recommended the installation of a new battery until and if it is absolutely necessary.

Kent Car or Truck New Battery


A failing battery can surprise you at any time. A new battery replacement in the Kent area at the right time saves you from unnecessary hassles and inconvenience.

The life of car batteries depends on several factors like:

  • Climate
  • Usage
  • Maintenance
  • Driving habits

Different vehicles and driving styles can place varying demands on your battery. You want a local, well-respected company that understands batteries to replace your car or truck battery with the right one. You need to call us.

For quality car or truck batteries in the Kent area call Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance at (253) 777-4990. Replace your car or truck battery with a new battery today. We also inspect and repair auto batteries.