Car Batteries Pacific


Charged, efficient car batteries are vital for starting any automobile engine. Once turned on, the power produced by the alternator while the vehicle runs is stored in the battery and maintains its charge.

Powerful car batteries are crucial for vehicles to function, especially their secondary electrical systems. This system includes the:

  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Interior cabin lights
  • Power windows
  • Radio/stereo
  • A/C and heater
  • GPS system

Naturally, dead or weak car batteries are a major cause of concern and need to be looked at immediately. Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance is the place to visit for all types of car batteries in the Pacific, WA area.

We have a team of highly skilled mechanics to inspect and repair defective car batteries in foreign and domestic vehicles. Our technicians can also install a new battery in any Pacific car with a battery that is past its useful life.

Truck Battery Pacific


At our automotive facility, we also offer truck battery inspection, repair and replacement services. There are many reasons for the failure of a truck battery.

While a battery tends to lose its power, recharging capability and charge holding capacity with age, depletion or premature failure of a truck battery can also happen due to:

  • Bad alternator diode
  • Undetected electrical issue
  • Lack of use
  • Poor battery maintenance
  • Use of excessive electrical accessories
  • Headlights that were left on
  • Our mechanics carry out a diligent inspection of the truck battery and offer Pacific truck owners an honest recommendation about its repair/replacement. We never advise installation of a new battery until and unless doing so is absolutely necessary.

    Install Your Car or Truck New Battery in Pacific


    While getting a new battery for your Pacific vehicle, you have to be very careful about picking the right one. All the truck and car batteries on the market are not created equal. It is important to choose a new battery that:

    • Is the right size for your vehicle
    • Comes from a reputable manufacturer
    • Meets the needs of the local climate

    Schedule a visit to our auto repair shop when you encounter issues with your car or truck battery. We will replace the battery with one that is ideal for your vehicle. You can also be sure of careful and correct installation for the new battery.

    Need a new car or truck battery installed in your Pacific vehicle? Come to Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance. Call (253) 777-4990.