Coolant Leak University Place


Do you suspect your car may have a coolant leak? Common causes of a coolant leak include:

  • A faulty radiator cap
  • A bad water pump
  • Deteriorated radiator hoses

When engines tend to overheat due to a coolant leak, the mechanical parts can sustain costly damage. If your gauge reading is higher than normal, or you see fluids under the car, have the coolant leak checked as soon as possible. You can save money and hassles by catching problems ahead of time.

Visit Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance today for coolant leak diagnosis and repair in University Place, WA. Using the latest diagnostic technology, our trained mechanic will identify the source and cause of the coolant leak, and then determine the necessary repairs.

Leak Sealer University Place

If your vehicle develops an antifreeze leak in University Place, you may be tempted to buy a leak sealer to fix the problem yourself. Although a leak sealer at the onset of your issues may seem like an affordable option, it will cost you money over the long haul. Sometimes a leak sealer will work for minor antifreeze leaks, but the long term consequences are not worth this patchwork.

The best way to deal with an antifreeze leak is to identify the leaky component and replace or repair it with top quality parts, rather than relying on a leak sealer. So, instead of stopping an antifreeze leak with a leak sealer in University Place, bring in your vehicle to our repair facility. We offer:

  • Fast, friendly service
  • Permanent solutions
  • Long-term peace of mind

Car or Truck Antifreeze Leaks

If you suspect antifreeze leaking from your University Place car or truck, seek professional attention as soon as possible. An equal mixture of antifreeze and distilled water prevents the engine from becoming overheated, so a leak can mean trouble. As a critical under-the-hood fluid, your antifreeze needs to be inspected regularly, especially if you have an old car or truck.

We have the tools and training necessary to inspect and repair antifreeze leaks in University Place. Whatever is causing the antifreeze leak, our technicians will be able to assess and fix the problem.

Some of the many reasons to choose us to repair antifreeze leaks include our:

  • Family-owned and operated business
  • Expertise in nearly all makes and models
  • Use of cutting-edge materials and equipment

To know more, or to schedule an antifreeze leak diagnosis in University Place, call the experts at Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance today at (253) 777-4990.