Replace Drive Belt Fircrest


Head straight to Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance when it is time to replace the drive belt on your car or truck. Also called a serpentine belt, a drive belt connects the engine crankshaft to power steering, alternator and AC. Its cracking and breakage stops charging of the battery so that the electrical components in the car or truck fail to work. Moreover, steering the vehicle also becomes hazardous.

It may become necessary to replace the drive belt in any Fircrest, WA vehicle when excessive engine heat takes its toll on the aging rubber. You should have our technicians replace your drive belt as soon as you observe tell-tale signs indicating that is worn-out.

The following symptoms point toward the need to replace the drive belt in your Fircrest vehicle:

  • Steering failure
  • Squealing sounds from the engine
  • Engine overheating
  • Battery warning light on

You can count on us to replace the drive belt of your car or truck with a top-grade product.

Repair Fan Belt Fircrest


It is advisable to replace or repair a fan belt before it breaks completely, causing your vehicle to overheat and bringing your vehicle to an abrupt halt. You would do well to get the belt inspected periodically for loosening as well as wear and tear.

A visual check by our experienced mechanic can reveal how much the belt cracked, frayed or lose the belt has become. Our technicians use their extensive automotive knowledge and experience to ensure seamless work in their jobs when replacing a fan belt. As our experts meticulously replace your fan belt, they make sure that it:

  • Is looped correctly through the system
  • Has sufficient tension
  • Can be relied upon for efficient functioning

Car or Truck Timing Belts Fircrest


We also repair and replace car or truck timing belts for Fircrest vehicle owners. Timely solution of issues with car or truck timing belts can save motorists a great deal of hassle, headaches and expense on major engine repairs.

Car or truck timing belts drive valve train assembly in the engine and their failure can cause serious engine damage. We replace car or truck timing belts quickly and efficiently so that customers keep driving:

  • Smoothly
  • Safely
  • Economically

Time to repair the fan belt in your Fircrest vehicle? Visit Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance. We can replace drive belt as well as car or truck timing belts. Call (253) 777-4990 to learn more.