Replace Drive Belt University Place


Need to replace a drive belt? Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance is the company to call. As one of the leading automotive shops, we have the tools, training and equipment to replace a drive belt in University Place, WA.

Below are some of the signs and symptoms that it is time to replace your drive belt:

  • Screeching sound coming from the engine
  • Battery warning light appears
  • Lack of steering
  • Overheated engine

If your drive belt is running into problems, do not take any chances. You could end up stranded on the side of the road. When in doubt, your best option is to replace the drive belt. We can replace your drive belt, quickly and efficiently.

Repair Fan Belt University Place


Your fan belt plays many important roles. It assists:

  • Power steering
  • Water pump
  • Alternator
  • Air conditioning system

Because your fan belt assists many different components of your vehicle, if this belt runs into problems, often all of these components run into problems. That is why it is important to repair a fan belt in a timely manner. We can repair your fan belt in University Place vehicles of all makes and models. We use only quality tools and techniques to repair your fan belt.

If you think you might need to repair a fan belt in University Place, bring your vehicle to us. We can perform a thorough inspection to determine the right methods to repair your fan belt.

Car or Truck Timing Belts University Place


Ignoring the replacement of car or truck timing belts as a part of regular maintenance, could lead to costly engine failure down the lane. Failure to replace car or truck timing belts may also cause:

  • Timing belt breakage
  • Unexpected engine shutdown
  • Severe damage to pistons and valves

Do not wait for your car or truck timing belts to break, seek timely and professional replacement service. Our technicians understand the importance of replacing car or truck timing belts. We have the skills and knowledge to replace truck and car timing belts right, the first time.

Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, come to us to replace car or truck timing belts in University Place. Our service is fast and our rates are reasonable. We look forward to helping you with your timing belt needs.

Feel free to call the experts at Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance at (253) 777-4990 to replace car or truck timing belts in University Place.