Exhaust Repair Fircrest


An efficient exhaust system plays an important role in helping you get the most out of your vehicle. It:

  • Cuts down vehicle emissions and air pollutants
  • Keeps toxic fumes out of the cabin
  • Optimizes fuel efficiency
  • Prevents engine deterioration
  • Reduces the engine noise

It is important that you come to Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance for exhaust repair in your Fircrest, WA vehicle without any delay. If it appears that the system is not working as it should, you should get to our shop ASAP. The exhaust system consists of several components, including the catalytic converter, manifold, muffler, resonator, and piping to connect these all together.

Malfunctioning in any of the exhaust system parts may not only create driving issues for you but also increase your vehicle's contribution to environmental pollution. We guarantee you'll receive quick and seamless exhaust repair services that make your Fircrest vehicle perfectly roadworthy again.

Muffler Fircrest


Muffler damage is a common cause of exhaust problems in any vehicle. Hanging at the rear and mounted below the car, the muffler bears the brunt of the elements as well as whatever your vehicle drives over. This constant exposure can cause the muffler to corrode inside and out.

Not surprisingly, the muffler is among the most frequently-replaced automotive parts.

Our auto repair shop offers its expert services for repair and replacement of mufflers in Fircrest vehicles. As a family-owned, service-oriented business, we go all out to help our customers experience minimal automotive troubles and maximum driving pleasure. This shows in the way we provide muffler services for Fircrest residents. We:

  • Schedule muffler repair and replacement jobs quickly
  • Put only skilled mechanics to work
  • Use top-grade products for muffler repair or replacement
  • Give tips for avoiding premature muffler failure

Car or Truck Exhaust Repair


You should not take the exhaust system of your car or truck for granted, only to one day find that your vehicle has failed its emission test. Instead, we recommend that you come to us regularly to have the exhaust pipe and muffler inspected. Doing so will ensure that you car or truck runs:

  • Smoothly
  • Quietly
  • Cleanly
  • At peak fuel efficiency

We also offer exhaust repair if your Fircrest car or truck develops problems in the exhaust system for any reason. Our technicians are trained to perform any big or small exhaust repair job to get your vehicle running seamlessly again.

The expert team at Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance can take care of all problems with the muffler and other exhaust system parts of your Fircrest vehicle. Call (253) 777-4990.