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You rely on your car starter every time you get into your vehicle. When you start your car, the battery provides power to the starter which turns over its motor. The motor then puts all the engine components into motion. Without properly working starters, your engine simply won’t start.

If your car engine is running into problems, you will definitely notice them. Bring your car in today if you need a starter repair in University Place, WA. The technicians at Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance will repair the starters in no time at all.

Here are the benefits of choosing us for your starter repair needs in University Place:

  • No job is too big or too small for us
  • Repairs for nearly all makes and models
  • Cutting-edge diagnostic technology

Starters University Place


When it comes to replacing car starters in University Place, we are the go-to automotive shop. We have the experience and expertise working on vehicles both foreign and domestic. We can professionally replace your car starters and quickly get you back on the road.

Below are some of the signs that you may need to replace your starters:

  • Vehicle fails to start
  • Noisy operation
  • Loud click but engine does not start

We understand that our clients want to reduce any unpleasant surprises when it comes to their vehicle, and need an auto repair shop they can trust to replace starters. With us, you can expect an honest and reasonably priced service for replacing starters.

If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact our friendly, knowledgeable team. We would be glad to assist you with whatever information you need.

Car Starter University Place


Starter problems are something that won’t resolve on their own – they are bound to become worse. Come to us for professional car starter replacement and repair in University Place.

Problems starting your vehicles can be caused by many different components. We can carefully inspect your vehicle and determine the root cause of the problem. Our goal is to get your car up and running again.

Car owners choose us for their car starter repair and replacement needs because:

  • We treat your car with utmost consideration
  • Our technicians thoroughly discuss their findings
  • We do not perform any unnecessary work
  • Excellent customer service

To schedule a car starter repair or replacement in University Place, feel free to call Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance at (253) 777-4990.