Car Tune Up Fircrest


One of the best ways to protect your vehicle from breaking down all of the time is to have a regular car tune up performed on it. You will benefit greatly if you take your car in for maintenance and you will see a boost in the way your vehicle performs.

Simply looking for key indications of wear and tear will help you identify when you need to go to the mechanic shop. Thorough and routine car maintenance will go a long way. Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance offers high quality car tune up services for Fircrest, WA vehicles. As a reliable company, we offer services for the following:

  • Acura tune up
  • Audi tune up
  • Car tune up for Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Honda or Lexus

Your car tune up for Fircrest vehicles will include an inspection of the vehicle, checking the spark plugs, checking the air and fuel filters and the fluids and belts under the hood.

 Acura Tune Up Fircrest


Your vehicle may seem like it is not running well or to its full potential. This can happen when there is a lack of maintenance performed on the vehicle.

If you have an Acura tune up scheduled in Fircrest, you must get it done at the earliest. With our services for your Acura tune up, you can be sure of the following:

  • Smooth running vehicle
  • Better efficiency and mileage
  • Good driving experience

Over time and with lack of car maintenance, your engine will begin to ride rough and your transmission may stick when you go to shift gears. A quick Acura tune up will take care of this and you will notice that your vehicle runs better. 

Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy & Lexus Tune Up Experts


Whether you have a manual or automatic Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Honda or Lexus in Fircrest, you will still need to receive car tune ups. This service helps to catch any early onset of a problem and it also makes sure the Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Honda or Lexus is correctly working. You can choose us for the Acura tune up or tune up of your Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Honda or Lexus as we are:

  • Experienced
  • Skilled
  • Affordable

With the help of our expert services, you can expect your Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Honda or Lexus to run smoothly in Fircrest.

Feel free to contact Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance at 253-777-4990 for any servicing of your Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Honda or Lexus in Fircrest.