Fuel Pump Repair Fircrest


While there may be a tendency to procrastinate when your vehicle is showing signs of fuel pump malfunction, timely fuel pump repair or replacement is essential in avoiding a complete pump breakdown leaving you stranded miles from home.

We are a locally owned and operated automotive repair shop offering a wide range of services including fuel pump repair and replacement to Fircrest, WA residents. Problems with the fuel system of your vehicle can be frustrating because they are not always definitive, and there can be potentially dozens of reasons it is failing to deliver fuel on a consistent basis.

These are some of the early warning signs of a faulty or bad pump:

  • Surging – a sudden increase in speed
  • Your vehicle will not start
  • Loss of power while moving forward or backward
  • Loss of power while accelerating
  • Sputtering or clicking sounds from the engine

If you become aware of these warning signs, let our fuel pump repair shop diagnose the problem before additional damage occurs to other parts of your vehicle.

Fuel Pump Replacement Fircrest

If your car, or truck has in excess of 60,000 miles, or more commonly 100,000 miles or more on its odometer, there is likelihood that it may soon require fuel pump replacement to supply sufficient pressure.

And even if the condition has not reached a no-start condition, you may have early warning signs such as low power and stalling at inappropriate times that indicate the need for fuel pump replacement in Fircrest.

These are some of the reasons your vehicle may require fuel pump replacement in Fircrest:

  • Moisture-causing corrosion
  • Contaminants entering the fuel tank drawn through the pump
  • Debris entering the pump
  • Low gas level creating pump overwork and improper cool down

Our highly-qualified technicians can run diagnostics to properly identify the problem and perform a fuel pump replacement in your Fircrest vehicle.

Chevy, Ford, Dodge & Toyota Fuel Pump Replacement


If your car, or truck is sputtering, making clicking noises during idle or losing acceleration, you may require fuel pump repair or replacement in Fircrest. When the pump that pushes fuel from the tank to the engine is not working properly, it may have a negative effect on:

  • Engine performance
  • Fuel economy

Prior to fuel pump replacement or fuel pump repair, we check first to make certain that filters, fuel pickups, electrical connectors and pump relays are operating properly.

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