Car Electrical Repair Trouble Shooting Fircrest


If you have had the frustrating experience of a dead battery, you will understand the importance of electricity in the operation of your Chevy, Ford Lexus, GMC Honda and other vehicles.

As technology has evolved to include a greater number of components that are dependent on the vehicle electrical system, diagnosing vehicle electrical failure has become more complex.

Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance specializes in electrical repair trouble shooting. People of Fircrest, WA having problems with their vehicle battery, alternator, starter and connectors, etc. should come to us.

We have technicians trained to perform electrical trouble shooting in all vehicle makes/models, including Chevy, Ford Lexus, GMC Honda. They utilize specialized diagnostic equipment to locate the cause of electrical problems. Testing and analysis prior to electrical repair trouble shooting in Fircrest vehicles includes:

  • A complete inspection of the battery and case
  • Examination and adjustment of electrical cable connections as required
  • Power output of battery with replacement if needed
  • Engine diagnostics analysis to troubleshoot complex system problems

Electrical Repair, Brake Light Wiring & Battery Cable Installations Fircrest

While our automotive repair shop is well known for standard vehicle repair, we also have expert technicians who specialize in electrical repair trouble shooting.

If your Chevy, Ford Lexus, GMC Honda has a dead battery, a misfiring starter, or alternator problems, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to access the data in your vehicle electrical system, locate the source of problem, and provide electrical repairs on a timely basis.

Come to us for immediate electrical repair trouble shooting in your Fircrest vehicle if you observe:

  • Sound of clicking or grinding, or no sound when you turn the key
  • Improper illumination of interior or dashboard lights
  • Dim headlights while traveling at slow speeds or while idling

Visit our automotive repair shop for a free electrical inspection because a fully functional electrical system is paramount to your safety.

Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, Jeep & Mercedes


Our facility offers complete electrical trouble shooting and repair services for Chevy, Ford Lexus, GMC Honda in the Fircrest area. Go nowhere else if your Chevy, Ford Lexus, GMC Honda needs electrical system diagnostics or auto electrical repairs.

These are some of the reasons Chevy, Ford Lexus, GMC Honda owners in Fircrest choose us for car electrical repairs:

  • Affordable rates and high-quality service
  • Quick response and fast turnaround
  • Convenient availability six days a week
  • Customer service excellence

Call Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance at (253) 777-4990for electrical repair trouble shooting in the Fircrest area.