Engine Repair Edgewood


The engine works relentlessly in extreme conditions and therefore starts deteriorating as your vehicle accumulates miles. It is important that you do not take the engine for granted and get it looked at by skilled mechanics immediately when symptoms of a problem appear.

Here are some of the common tell-tale signs indicating that it is time to take your vehicle to a reputable car engine repair shop serving Edgewood, WA.

  • Check engine light turning on
  • Knocking noise from under the hood
  • Inconsistently or roughly running engine
  • Significantly increased fuel usage
  • Emission smell in the cabin or smoke from exhaust

Going to the right automotive facility for repairs is as crucial as taking timely action for resolving engine issues. You can be assured of the best possible solution to fix your vehicle engine malfunctioning when Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance is the car engine repair shop near Edgewood that you visit.

Engine Repair Shop Edgewood


We provide a multitude of repair services at our family-owned, modern automotive facility. Fixing faulty engines is one of the jobs that we specialize in. We are staffed by rigorously trained and exceptionally skilled technicians who have experience in repairing automotive engines.

Our car engine repair shop near Edgewood is happy to provide its specialized services to fix engines:

  • In vehicles of most foreign or domestic makes
  • Of all new and old model cars/trucks
  • With any big or small defect

Vehicles that are brought into our facility with stalled or inefficient engines always drive out smoothly and get back on the road to show optimal engine performance. In case of badly run-down engines, we offer rebuilt engines to spare a vehicle owner the huge expense of complete engine replacement.

Car Engine Repair Edgewood


We are proud to be a service-oriented, customer-centric auto repair facility. As such, all our jobs are handled with the objective of:

  • Alleviating the stress of vehicle owner who comes to us
  • Minimizing the hassle of our customer
  • Providing the most enduring, yet economical repairs
  • Achieving 100% customer satisfaction

When you make us the preferred car engine repair shop in the Edgewood area, you can look forward to receiving services that combine skilful workmanship with use of top-notch automotive tools and top-grade replacement parts.

We also take care that the job is completed ASAP and you get courteous, personalized attention all the way through.

Head to Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance when you need to visit a car engine repair shop in the Edgewood area. Call (253) 777-4990.