Fuel Pump Repair University Place


The sole purpose of a fuel pump is to take fuel from the tank to the engine. And while you may be able to run on a damaged or failing pump for some distance, it will eventually stop operating, the car will stop moving, and you may be stranded.

These are some of the best indicators that you need to go in for fuel pump repair or replacement:

  • Your vehicle hesitates to start
  • The sound of excessive whining
  • Loss of power when accelerating
  • Your check-engine light is on

If you become aware of any of these indicators and need fuel pump repair services in the University Place, WA area, visit Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance. We can diagnose the problem and determine if fuel pump repair or replacement is required to avoid damage to other parts of your vehicle.

Fuel Pump Replacement University Place

When your car, truck is evaluated by our expert technicians to determine if fuel pump should be replaced, we first check that filters, electrical connectors, fuel pickups, and pump relays are operating properly.

Fuel pump repair or fuel pump replacement in your University Place vehicle may be necessary if there is:

  • Debris, rust and dirt clogging the fuel filter or fuel strainer
  • Damage to internal parts as a result of small dirt particles entering the pump
  • Low gas level requiring pump overwork with improper cool down

If your vehicle uses an electric pump, its replacement can be difficult. Let our highly-qualified technicians run the diagnostics to make certain the problem has been properly identified. If the pump is failing, we have the technology, tools and parts to complete the fuel pump replacement in your University Place vehicle efficiently and affordably.

Chevy, Ford, Dodge & Toyota Fuel Pump Replacement


Vehicles have changed dramatically over the years. One of those changes is the use of electric pumps that are located inside the fuel tank making their replacement complex because of difficult accessibility.

Come to us for timely fuel pump replacement in University Place to avoid sudden pump breakdown that may leave you stranded miles from home.

Look for the following warning signs and bring your vehicle for fuel pump replacement in our University Place facility when they occur –

  • Sputtering or clicking sound when the engine is engaged
  • Power loss while accelerating
  • Sudden and unexpected increase in speed
  • Your vehicle does not start

Call Richi's Automotive Repair & Maintenance for fuel pump repair or replacement services in University Place. Dial (253) 777-4990.