Muffler Shop Sumner


When you are in search of a professional muffler shop that can take care of your automotive needs, call Richi’s Automotive Repair & Replacement. Ever since we were established, we have delivered an affordable and quality automotive solution to our customers. Our muffler shop serves Sumner, WA, area vehicle owners with top quality muffler solutions.

You can count our muffler shop as we:

  • Provide quick job scheduling
  • Have fully equipped service bays
  • Ensure accurate diagnosis
  • Provide free inspection

We all know that a proper functioning muffler and exhaust system is necessary. Therefore, do not ignore your visit to a professional muffler shop like us in Sumner. We are the first choice for Chevy, Ford, and Dodge muffler replacement or repair projects.

Sumner Muffler Repair


We all pay attention to the engines installed in our vehicles. As a result, we often tend to ignore the exhaust and muffler systems that have a significant impact on engine performance as well. A failing muffler can lead to many problems, therefore, it is necessary that you get a quality muffler repair service soon.

Some of the many telltale signs that suggest it is time for a muffler repair service includes:

  • Loud, unpleasant noises
  • Bad fumes
  • Low MPG
  • Frequent engine problems

Do not worry if you have encountered any such symptoms in your vehicle. All you have to do is visit us for muffler repair job anywhere in the Sumner area. With our extensive experience and highly competent automotive shop, we can take care of any big or small muffler repair job with relative ease and confidence.

Muffler Replacement Sumner


If you are in the market looking for experienced and affordable muffler replacement service, then your search ends with us. Over the years we have handled many Chevy, Ford and Dodge muffler replacement seamlessly.

Contact us anytime for quality muffler replacement job around Sumner as we all know a quality muffler:

  • Reduces engine and driving noise
  • Increase the overall efficiency of an engine
  • Helps achieve high gas mileage

Do not worry if muffler installed in your vehicle is worn out. All you have to do is call us or visit us for a free inspection. We will quickly identify the problem and deliver you a quality muffler replacement experience. Our staff is experienced and have in-depth knowledge of multiple muffler systems.

Are you searching for a professional muffler shop in the Sumner area? Call Richi’s Automotive Repair & Maintenance at (253) 777-4990 for a free inspection or quality muffler repair and replacement services.