New Shocks and Struts for Fircrest Vehicles


Is a ride in your vehicle uncomfortable and the road handling performance less than desirable?

If your vehicle is nose-diving, or your tires are showing uneven wear, you may want to bring it in for a free inspection and road test to determine if your car shocks and struts require repair or replacement in the Fircrest, WA area.

When to replace car shocks and struts is a common inquiry from our Fircrest customers. These are signs that may indicate shock or strut failure:

  • Knocking noises
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Hydraulic fluid leaks
  • Vehicle swaying or rolling on turns
  • Front end nose-diving during braking
  • Bottoming-out over road bumps and potholes

Our qualified technicians and experienced mechanics can inspect and road test your vehicle to determine if there is significant road handling and control loss associated with failed auto shock or struts.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for inspection and a road test to avoid safety hazards and to improve the stability and control of your vehicle.

What Fircrest Vehicle Owners Should Know About Car Shocks

The performance of a vehicle can decrease so gradually that the quality handling and control loss is unrecognizable. However, during approximately 50,000 miles of driving, the upward and downward motion of shocks can exceed 75 million cycles. And that can result in impairment of vehicle control by the driver.

We recommend inspection and road testing by our qualified technicians every 12,000 miles to check the performance, identify excessive wear, and to inform our customers when repair or replacement of car shocks and struts is required in Fircrest.

These are important things to know about worn car shocks and struts:

  • Greater wear results in decreased vehicle control
  • Loss of traction with worn auto shocks
  • Continued wear results in an increase in deterioration of attached components
  • Worn shocks create a problem in accelerating, cornering and stopping

Call us today to ensure optimal vehicle operation and ride control of your vehicle.

Fircrest Car Shocks and Struts – Inspected, Repaired & Replaced


Our recommendation for vehicle owners is to bring your vehicle into our shop every 12,000 miles for inspection and road testing by our qualified technicians.

When you reach 50,000 miles, we recommend replacement of your car shocks and struts in your Fircrest vehicle to restore the original handling performance, comfort and firm ride characteristics and ease of handling.

This is what you can expect when our technicians and mechanics replace your struts and auto shocks:

  • Thorough suspension evaluation
  • Debris removal from mounting areas
  • Installation of new struts and shocks
  • Examination of related components
  • A performance road test

Call Richi’s Automotive Repair for repair, maintenance and replacement car shocks and struts services in the Fircrest area. 253-777-4990