Radiator Repair Service in University Place, WA


Radiator repair service may be necessary for radiators five years or older. Older radiators can easily overheat and have rusting problems. Fircrest Automotive & Repair offers radiator repair. We’ll inspect and repair the common damages associated with radiators. Radiator repair includes radiator coolant changes, water pump, thermostat and other radiator parts.

  • Repairs the affects of slow damage
  • Repair for radiator damage
  • Blown seams and brittle hoses
  • Thermostat replacement for temperature regulation
  • Water pump repair
  • New and older vehicles

Radiator Repair Shop


Don’t get stuck on the side of the road, due to a busted radiator. Avoid constant radiator repairs with radiator replacement.

Our radiator replacement will give you a new radiator. You won’t have to worry about an overheating engine or radiator. Radiator replacement keeps your coolant flowing easily. And you’ll have a reliable and safe radiator. Give your engine new life with our radiator replacement service.

  • Replaces your damaged radiator
  • Provides coolant flow
  • Removes your old and rusty radiator
  • New radiator tubes
  • Better engine performance

Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Honda Makes & Models

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