Transmission Fluid Change and Flush in Tacoma & University Place

Protect your vehicle transmission with transmission fluid change in Tacoma – University Place, Washington. We offer regular transmission service for automatic and manual cars and trucks in greater Tacoma. Transmissions are an extremely crucial part of your vehicle, and if they are damaged, you need a professional transmission repair in Tacoma right away. Fortunately, our technicians are experts at transmissions. Contact Fircrest Automotive & Repair Automotive for transmission repair in the Tacoma area.

Head To Our Transmission Shop in Tacoma for Service Today!

Do not let your transmission problems get you down. Head to our transmission repair shop in Tacoma for service today! We are proud to have a state-of-the-art auto repair facility staffed with highly trained technicians.

When you need professional transmission repair, bring your vehicle by and let our technicians take care of it! You can rest assured we use only the highest quality parts and equipment to repair transmissions.

Our Transmission Shop features:

  • All makes and models of vehicles
  • Honest and competitive pricing
  • Complete client satisfaction

Automatic and manual transmissions need regular service in Tacoma, WA. Automatic transmissions need fluid changes every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. On the contrary, manual transmissions need fluid changes every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Don’t neglect to seek automatic and manual transmission service. Waiting for service can lead to vehicle stalls, loss of power and other problems.

Automatic and Manual Transmission Changes

Trust us with your automatic and manual transmission service needs in Tacoma or University Place, WA. Transmissions tend to wear and tear over time. Transmission fluid changes keep your transmission from losing power and developing transmission wear.

Benefits Of Our Regular Transmission Service for Your Vehicle:
  • Replace worn transmission fluid
  • Protects transmission during shifting
  • Helps your transmission work longer
  • Protects against heat build-up
Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota & GMC Transmission Fluid Changes

We are your one-stop shop to repair and service Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota & GMC transmissions in the University Place area. Our friendly technicians and excellent customer service take the stress out of repairing and servicing your transmissions in Fircrest.

We are focused on one goal: treating you and your vehicle with respect.

We offer quality repair and service from skilled technicians and use premium-grade parts. The technicians at Richi’s understand the needs of your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota & GMC transmissions. When you choose us to service your transmission, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good and competent hands. We care for your vehicle like our own.

Our features:
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Peace of mind restored

For more information on our transmission services contact Fircrest Automotive & Repair .