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Head Gasket Repair University Place


A head gasket is a seal to the top of the cylinder of a combustion engine. It should last for the lifetime of the engine, and with proper head gasket maintenance and repair, it can easily last for that duration.

Any damage to this part of the vehicle can cause expensive damage to the various engine components, such as:

  • Pistons
  • Spark plug
  • Valve

Timely head gasket repair or head gasket replacement in University Place, WA can make the life of your engine much longer without costing a fortune.

If you are looking for head gasket repair experts that you can trust, then Fircrest Automotive & Repair is the place to visit. You can bring vehicle of any make or model for head gasket repair or replacement at our University Place facility. 

Replace Bearings, Rings, Carburator, Air Filter, Fuel Filter & Water Pumps

Ignoring a blown head gasket can cost you big. By postponing the required head gasket repair or head gasket replacement in your University Place vehicle, you might end up with a heavily damaged engine.

Come to us for head gasket replacement or repair when you observe symptoms like:

  • Unexplained loss of coolant
  • Coolant leakage from under the exhaust manifold
  • White smoke from exhaust pipe
  • Engine overheating or misfiring

We use top-quality parts to carry out head gasket replacement at our University Place facility. Same quality is ensured on our jobs for replacing carburetor, bearings, rings, water pumps and air/ water filters.

Chevy, Ford, Dodge & Toyota Fuel Pump Replacement

Besides head gasket replacement, University Place vehicle owners can also come to us for fuel pump replacement services. An efficient fuel pump is crucial to the drivability of a vehicle as it supplies fuel from the tank to the engine.

You should know that it is time to come to us for fuel pump replacement in University Place if your vehicle is:

  • Starting poorly
  • Not starting at all
  • Stalling during operation

There can be other reasons due to which vehicle engine splutter or stall. You can trust our technicians to inspect the fuel pump in your vehicle very carefully to determine if it is not working the way it should. We will recommend fuel pump replacement only if doing so is absolutely necessary to get your vehicle back on the road.

Call Fircrest Automotive & Repair and allow us to fix your automotive problems, including issues calling for head gasket repair or head gasket replacement. Contact our University Place shop at (253) 267-5972 to schedule a visit.