Clutch Repair Service

Trusted Clutch Repair Service in Tacoma WA


Richi’s Automotive offers high quality clutch repair service in Tacoma WA. It is extremely helpful to understand the basic principles of a clutch because it is such a vital component to the smooth operation of your vehicle.

These are warning signs that signal the appropriate time to take your vehicle for clutch repair in North Tacoma:

  • A burning or smoke smell
  • Slipping out of gear for no apparent reason
  • Sticking clutch

We have built a time-honored reputation for clutch repair services based on customer service excellence and high-quality work standards. We will schedule a free inspection of your vehicle, explain our findings and provide an estimate to fix car or truck clutch replacement.

Fix Car or Truck Clutch Replacement North Tacoma


Clutch replacement may be required when there are problems with the linkage or hydraulics that can actually cause a breakdown while driving. As a reliable company, we fix car or truck clutch replacement in North Tacoma at affordable costs.

These are a few warning signs that show that your vehicle may require fix car or truck clutch replacement or repair:

  • Transmission grinding while shifting
  • Easy movement of clutch pedal but the transmission does not go into gear
  • Clutch chatter caused by overheating when clutch is slipping
  • Difficulty in shifting into gear
  • Clutch is difficult to press down

We recommend regular inspection and diagnosis of the clutch in your vehicle. Our qualified technicians can fix cars or trucks, if required.

Chevy, Ford & Dodge Clutch Repair Experts in Tacoma, Washington


There is something very exciting about driving a vehicle with a manual transmission and shifting gears manually using a stick shift. We place you and your safety first, so we encourage you to bring your vehicle for regular inspection to ensure your safety and to maintain excellent vehicle performance.

These are some of the reasons to choose us for general maintenance, to fix car or truck clutch replacement or repair in North Tacoma:

  • Free Inspection and adjustments
  • We use cutting edge diagnostics
  • Upfront clutch replacement price estimate
  • Timely evaluation and efficient repair
  • Affordable prices
  • Highly qualified technicians and experienced mechanics
  • Customer service excellence

If you are experiencing clutch malfunction and require clutch repair services in North Tacoma, call Richi’s Automotive at (253) 267-5972