Car and Truck Tacoma

Car and Truck Alignment Tacoma


When your car and truck alignment is off, your driving ability is put at risk. Sometimes, car and truck alignment problems are obvious, like when the:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side of the road
  • Steering wheel is vibrating
  • Tires squeal

In some cases, though, car and truck alignment problems are too subtle to notice. That is why you should seek regular car and truck alignment checkups for your Tacoma, WA vehicle. With regular inspection and service, your vehicle will run reliably for many years.

If your alignment is off, visit Fircrest Automotive & Repair for car and truck alignment repair on your Tacoma vehicle. Car and truck alignment repair from our trained technicians means durable performance. We know how to keep your vehicle running efficiently with car and truck alignment repair.

Wheel Alignment and Suspension System Repair


When a vehicle’s alignment and suspension start to wear, it can lead to vibration and premature tire damage. For this reason, it is important to seek a professional wheel alignment suspension repair as soon as you notice problems. With timely and professional wheel alignment suspension repair, vehicle owners in Tacoma can restore their vehicles original handling and performance.

Wheel alignment is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance, as misalignment can reduce the life expectancy of your tires. Our technicians can align your vehicle to exact manufacturer’s specifications and ensure your suspension is working properly. The benefits of our wheel alignment suspension repair services for Tacoma vehicle owners include:

  • Tires that last longer
  • Increased gas mileage
  • Better handling and overall performance

Suspension Repair Tacoma


Your vehicle’s suspension is crucial for efficient steering, balance and stopping. Suspension makes sure your tires are firmly intact with the ground and your vehicle does not veer to one side.

If your suspension is not operating properly, seek an expert wheel alignment suspension repair for your Tacoma vehicle. A few signs of a faulty suspension system include a bouncy vehicle, difficult turning, and tire damage.

The first step in solving your suspension problem is a thorough diagnosis. During a vehicle assessment, our technicians will inspect all major components in your vehicle. After assessing the problem, we will discuss your wheel alignment suspension repair options. Many vehicle owners rely on us to keep their cars and trucks running optimally.

More reasons to choose us include our:

  • Quality repair
  • Reasonable rates
  • Most makes and models

For more information on our wheel alignment suspension repair services for Tacoma residents, do not hesitate to call Fircrest Automotive & Repair at (253) 267-5972 today.