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Exhaust Repair Tacoma


The exhaust systems in modern vehicles are more intricate than ever before. Their benefits include:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly ratings
  • Noise control

Climate and road conditions can expose an exhaust system to wear and tear over time, however. You can count on Fircrest Automotive & Repair for your exhaust repair needs in Tacoma, WA. We can keep your vehicle running in an optimal condition with our exhaust repair services.

Timely and professional exhaust repair can keep you and others safe from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes. We understand the stress and inconvenience you experience when your vehicle needs an exhaust repair. Rest assured that our technicians have the skills and training to perform a fast, professional exhaust repair on your Tacoma vehicle.

Muffler Repair Tacoma


We specialize in muffler repair services that keep your Tacoma vehicle running smoothly and reliably. Our expert technicians know how to diagnose muffler problems and perform expert muffler repair.

We strive to provide quality muffler repair services in a no-pressure environment and at the most competitive pricing. We will assess your vehicle using the latest technology and methods, giving you honest advice and muffler repair options.

So, if your muffler is giving you problems, bring your vehicle to us for a complete muffler inspection and repair. You should choose us for your muffle repair needs because:

  • No problem is ever too large or small for us to handle
  • We treat your vehicle with the utmost respect and care
  • Complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority

Affordable Muffler Repair or Replacement Tacoma


If you have ever heard a vehicle running without an exhaust system, you know how big of a difference an exhaust system can make in reducing the noise level. But an exhaust system does more than controlling sound- it also controls the emissions from the vehicle’s engine.

Think you need exhaust system repair for your Tacoma vehicle? Some of the signs that you may need an exhaust system repair include:

  • Smoke coming out from exhaust
  • A strange exhaust smell
  • Loud exhaust noise

Bring your vehicle to us for a professional, affordable exhaust system repair or replacement. We have many years of experience performing exhaust system repair and replacement on vehicles of nearly all makes and models. Using state-of-the-art equipment and methods, we can complete the exhaust system repair job correctly the first time around.

For your exhaust system repair needs in Tacoma or the surrounding areas, bring your vehicle to Fircrest Automotive & Repair . Call us at (253) 267-5972.