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Power Steering Flush Tacoma


A power steering fluid change and flush is an essential vehicle maintenance service. The fluid helps the steering system function smoothly and facilitates easy handling of the vehicle, whether around bends or on a straight road. Its leakage or contamination can cause the steering to fail.

Heat and stress from daily driving are common causes of fluid breakdown. Come to Fircrest Automotive & Repair for a periodic power steering flush in your Tacoma, WA vehicle so that you have full control over your car and are able to steer it without using excessive force. A few signs that should alert you to the need for a power steering flush in your Tacoma vehicle include:

  • Being past the manufacturer-recommended fluid change interval
  • Difficult or non-responsive steering
  • Squeaking/squealing noises when turning the steering wheel

Power Steering Fluid Change and Power Steering System Inspection


Another instance where you should come immediately to our facility for power steering fluid change is when your Tacoma vehicle is visibly leaking fluid. Deterioration of O-rings or seals with time and usage is one of the main reasons for this leakage.

You should never wait for problems to happen before coming in for power steering flush and fluid replacement. Be proactive and visit us from time-to-time for steering system inspection.

Our expert technicians check out the level and condition of the fluid to determine if it is time for a power steering fluid change in your Tacoma vehicle. The process of fluid replacement includes:

  • Removing the old fluid
  • Adding cleaner to perform power steering flush
  • Draining and adding new fluid
  • Checking for leaks
  • Testing the steering

Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Honda Makes & Models


Timely power steering fluid change helps Tacoma motorists prolong the life of their vehicles steering system by minimizing the wearing of components like pump, pistons, hoses, seals and valves.

At our automotive facility, we understand how vital this fluid is and carry out power steering fluid change in Tacoma vehicles with sharp attention to detail. We make sure that:

  • Well-trained, diligent mechanics are put on the job
  • Fluid of the right type and quality is used
  • An adequate amount of fluid is poured; No overfilling
  • The steering system is check thoroughly to detect any issues

We work on all vehicle makes and models like Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Honda and Dodge.

To schedule a power steering flush job for your Tacoma vehicle, call Fircrest Automotive & Repair at (253) 267-5972.