Power Steering Repair

Power Steering Repair


Modern vehicles have a very complex steering system. When it is time for power steering repair, vehicle owners need to go to a well-equipped automotive repair shop such as Fircrest Automotive & Repair . We employ qualified and experienced mechanics using cutting-edge computer diagnostics to determine essentially any kind of steering system problem.

These are a few common problems associated with steering systems:

  • A leak in the rack and pinion system
  • Dry and cracked hoses
  • Slippage of the drive belt
  • Worn hoses
  • Hose coupling creep off

Visit our facility at once if you are experiencing difficulty in turning the steering wheel, or you are hearing squeaking noises and the steering wheel begins to shake, or evidence of clear or red steering fluid underneath your car. Taking these conditions lightly and ignoring power steering repair can put drivers in hazardous situations on the road.

Repair Service You Can Depend On


The steering unit of your vehicle uses a hydraulic system that provides a buildup of pressure as you turn the steering wheel to push the tires to one side or the other. In other words, the hydraulic system makes steering easier than purely mechanical systems for the driver.

Controlling your vehicle around corners and curves is very difficult when it has steering problems. We offer power steering repair for Fircrest vehicles to resolve all kinds of problems, such as:
  • Leaks in the steering system – results in less control over the steering
  • Drive belt slipping – produces a loud squealing noise on turning
  • Worn hoses – a hole creates loss of pressure and difficult steering

Our power steering repair experts assure all Pierce County customers that all these and other steering issues in their vehicles will be fixed most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Honda Makes & Models


Simply stated, whatever problems you have with the power steering system of your vehicle, our qualified technicians can diagnose it and our experienced mechanics can repair it.

These are some of the reasons to come to us for steering repairs, replacement and maintenance:

  • Our mechanics are trained on a wide range of steering systems
  • Comprehensive inspection and cutting edge diagnostics
  • Replacement parts are OEM or high-quality aftermarket
  • Thorough overview and review of our findings with the customer
  • Family-owned and operated with decades of experience
  • Excellence in customer service

Call Fircrest Automotive & Repair for power steering repair services by a courteous and professional staff at affordable prices. Dial (253) 267-5972! for service on your vehicle in Pierce County.