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Generally, people associate vehicle performance with engine power. They often fail to appreciate that an excellent suspension system, which allows for proper control over the vehicle, is just as important. Car shocks and struts are the suspension system components that keep a vehicle well-balanced on the road, riding smoothly and safely.

Just like with other automotive parts, shock absorbers and struts assemblies wear out over time as the vehicle logs in mile after mile. It is neither comfortable nor safe for you to continue driving with worn/busted car shocks and struts on Tacoma, WA roads. These cause suspension system failure, which means:

  • Less contact between wheels and the road/ground
  • Decreased braking efficiency
  • Poor handling and stability
  • Reduced acceleration

Waste no time; schedule a visit to Fircrest Automotive & Repair for replacement of car shocks and struts in your Tacoma vehicle once you realize that it has a bad suspension.

Car Shock Replacement Tacoma


Suspension issues can also lead to premature wearing of the tires and significantly reduced gas mileage. These happen because of the alignment problem that comes with poor suspension. That’s how worn-out car shocks and struts impact Tacoma vehicle owners financially, as well as by compromising their driving safety, comfort and pleasure.

You must visit us for car shock replacement before it is too late. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that the shock absorbers and strut assemblies be replaced at 50,000 miles. Remember to visit us for replacement of these important parts when it is time. You can come to us even earlier to have the car shocks and struts inspected if you are experiencing vehicle problems like:

  • Nose-diving when you brake
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Stiff or noisy steering
  • Excessive wheel bounce
  • Swaying/leaning while changing lanes or turning
  • Lengthy brake/stopping time

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You can count on us for a thorough inspection of your car shock absorbers, an honest assessment of their condition, and sincere, unbiased recommendations regarding their repair and/or replacement. Whether the car shocks and struts in your Tacoma vehicle are serviced, repaired or replaced, you can rest assured that the job will be done:

  • By highly skilled, sincere and reliable technicians
  • Using cutting-edge equipment and top-line auto parts
  • Very carefully, but quickly
  • At a competitive price

Our mechanics also carry out a performance road test to confirm that the job is completed seamlessly and that the car is in top shape before you get behind the wheel.

Having problems with car shocks and struts in your Tacoma vehicle? Visit Fircrest Automotive & Repair or call (253) 267-5972.