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Transmission Repair University Place


Vehicles require regular repairs and servicing to keep them in their ultimate working condition. Transmission repair is an integral part of the vehicle repair process, which should be carried out at specified intervals to keep your vehicle safe and well maintained.

At Fircrest Automotive & Repair , we offer highly professional and efficient transmission repair services in University Place, WA. All the repairs on transmissions are carried out at our facility are according to the specific guidelines set by the manufacturer.

Our meticulous transmission repair on University Place vehicles ensures that their transmissions:

  • Work smoothly
  • Do not have sudden breakdowns
  • Have an excellent lifespan

Transmission Service University Place

The transmissions are very crucial for the safe and proper functioning of vehicles. So, transmissions are among the automotive parts that should be checked regularly in order to avoid any inconvenience later on.

However, not many vehicle owners are aware of the right time to perform transmission service.  Generally, transmission service for manual transmissions is required every 30,000 miles and is necessary for automatic transmissions every 60,000 miles.

We advise people to bring their vehicles for transmission service to our University Place facility if the transmissions are not working properly and:

  • An unusual sound is noticed when driving
  • The vehicle struggles to accelerate
  • Shifting gears has become harder
  • Leaking fluids are found under the vehicle

Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota & GMC Transmissions

The process of transmission repair is integral for a complete chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda and GMC repair and includes many steps, such as replacing the fluids.

Fluids in transmissions in University Place vehicles can lose their effectiveness over time and stop serving the purpose they are used for, which is to maintain the right temperatures, as well as keeping the moving parts well lubricated.

This is why replacing them on time during transmission service is important for the uninterrupted functioning of your vehicle.

A good way to ensure that the transmission service is being performed properly is to hand over this responsibility to experts who have:

  • In-depth knowledge about transmissions
  • Proven skills at fixing big and small issues with transmissions
  • Advanced equipment to repair transmissions efficiently

We are your one-stop shop to get professional solutions for your transmission repair needs. We know how to keep transmissions in University Place vehicles functioning like new by performing thorough transmission service when it is due.

If you are looking for expert transmission repair service in University Place, get in touch with Fircrest Automotive & Repair at (253) 267-5972.